Alpine Cavies

Other Breeds & Pets...

I also keep a small selection of other breeds and pets (mixed bred) Cavies. These are sometimes bred from and it is interesting to see the variety in coat colours, patterns and types that come with pet breedng. Before getting into the pure bred Cavies and exhibition, I bred pet cavies on and off for a number of years.

Golden American Crested

Ginger is a Purebred American Crested and a nice example of one too! He will hopefully be useful in my American Crested plans.

Charlton Lodge Zorro
Black/Gold/White Peruvian


I have always admired the Peruvians and other longhairs and whilst I don't have the space to keep a stud of them alongside my other breeds, I decided to get a pair.

Cream & White Crested


Georgina is a very typey crested pet, as she has a little white in her crest. Although she is a pet, she will hopefully help toward my small scale American Crested project.

Cream/Black/White Peruvian

Zeta will hopefully be paired with Zorro in the future for some Purebred Peru babies when both are older.